Testimonial  – quit smoking & transformation

September   5, 2000

I write this letter today to express my gratitude and yes, amazement at bow   beneficial and positive my experience with Hava has been.  Actually, I am amazed at myself for achieving these wonderful results in such a short period of time. However, Hava  the teacher has always told me that the answers to my question and problems lay within me and that she is there to guide me on my  journey of self-discovery and personal  growth.  In just 4 sessions I was able to quit smoking after saying yes to this habit for the last 20 years.  Yes, it did take some serious efforts on my part but I’ve succeeded this time!

Hava is caring and compassionate and naturally gifted.   She has helped to transform my life in many ways.   Now I feel more at peace with myself, believe in myself and actually love myself. Check out a online casino ohne anmeldung

Thank you so much,  Hava!

Yours  truly,



Testimonial  – character attestation

Montreal March 10, 2000

To whom II may concern,

I have known Dr.Hava Steinberg for a number of years now, professionally and on a personal basis, and it is without hesitation that I recommend her in so far as anything Is concerned with her abilities in healing by way of therapy and hypnosis.

I have seen her work with patients and accomplish miracles in helping them cope with their difficulties and challenges in life.

We have discussed the opportunity of opening a hypnosis healing centre and I am certain that she has all the abilities to do so    She definitely has the necessary components to make her centre a great success.  She is responsible, gifted and very talented. The secret of her success is due to the fact that she genuinely cares about the people that she helps and this is why they love and depend on her so much.

I believe very strongly in the concept and have tremendous faith in her abilities, for having referred numerous clients to her and having personally witnessed amazing results.


Testimonial  – preparation for surgery

March 28.2000

Dear Hava,

I would just like to thank you so much for helping me to bring a positive outlook to my recent surgical experience.  You assisted me in achieving a tranquillity and optimism that I had never before been able to achieve alone.

I had a tremendous fear of being alert during local anesthesia.  My creative and Imaginative mind knew no bounds. I was completely and totally unnerved by this.“It is better to be put to sleep.” I had said, more than once.

You helped me relax about being awake during the surgery and to approach this with a serenity I could only dream of. I used my imagination positively, and it put me in a very deeply relaxed state of mind and body. The Images you helped me evoke were more powerful than my strongest fears.

You willed me to have no trauma, no excessive bleeding, no infection, no complications and receiving minimal medication. You willed me to experience a simple uneventful recovery.The results were beyond even my most creative fantasies.  There was no post-surgical pain, only a standard administration of medication, no complication of any sort. Even my healing has been remarkably swift.

I thank you so much for your positive help regarding my surgery. I know that my pre- and post-operative surgical experiences have been so very successful, in large measure, due to you.Your skilled enhancement of my own abilities to overcome any impediments, allowed me to experience a spontaneous recovery.

Be well, dear Hava.

May you derive much energy, knowing that you have helped others strengthen and heal.

Fondly, S.L.


Testimonial   – transformation

Dear Hava,

‎‎The best way saying thank you right now, I feel is to dedicate a song to you and to myself as well, at the same time; this is what you teach in the most loving way… everything is you in the end.

I always knew it – now I start to live it. THANK YOU!

So here comes the song first: ‎http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QY4FvpmmbiU&feature=PlayList&p=06C141FC70492F26‎

The lyrics describe my new courage. When I came to you, I was caught in a circle…. I am sure many people know what I am talking about. It is this circle of thoughts that seem to have no beginning and no end. It is the state of pause – what I had learned in my very first session with you. I decided to end this circle and break those habits that keep me from being who I desire to be. You said to me, it is a long journey from your mind to your heart – I want to be the one behind the wheel of this journey. There are stones on the way and who likes it when someone takes away your shoes… It is always more comfortable to walk in boots in the jungle, even though our nature is walking barefoot. So, the question we have to ask ourselves is, do we want to continue being blind for this world, and living earth we are living in? I don’t. I know I want to have strong feet to walk barefoot in this jungle – for my own sake, for the sake of my children, and yours!

Changing old patterns is hard and sometimes we don’t even see clearly what we want to change actually. I cannot stop saying thank you Hava!.

Thanks for being light – thanks for being there – thanks for being you.

The tools you taught and are still teaching me every session are priceless – their value go beyond our logical understanding. Only thing I do understand is that if I use them wisely, I will be the change I want to see in the world. Thank you for helping me connect with my inner me – hearing and seeing clearer, feel deeper and have a blue sky in my mind, without too many clouds ;-)).

“I have a dream – Let’s live it!” – Harmony. ‎



Testimonial   – A Phobia of  Shyness

I have taken a few private sessions with Dr. Hava and she has brought back life into me. I have been living with a phobia of shyness for 36 years and it prevented me from doing and achieving my dreams. I had lost all hope of outgrowing my phobia. I had tried many different ways of overcoming it, but all failed.  l started losing interest in life, living day by day setting no goals. I would get up in the morning go to work and didn’t care about the outcome. Nothing could motivate me. My confidence and self -esteem was at zero, and I was emotionally stressed out. I hated myself, I felt empty inside. One day I read an ad in the newspaper on hypnosis and how it could help people lose weight and any habits you would like to change. I called for an appointment and went to the interview .They explained to me the program, and how long it would take, (Two months).  I decided to give it a try. My first session they put me in a room and made me listen to self- motivating tapes, I was not very  impressed . My second session was with Dr. Hava, I explained to her my phobia of shyness, and when I was done she knew I needed more than listening to self- help tapes. She worked hard with me with the little time I spent with her at the center where she worked. l had only three session with her and it was the only part of the program that helped me. When my program was over I decided to continue my session with Dr. Hava at her private center, and this is when the magic started. There was lots of negative thoughts from my past that were stuck in my head, she managed to helped me release my negative thoughts and scars from my childhood, and I felt a big load off my shoulders . I suddenly felt happier, my mood had changed. I started enjoying my work and I didn’t feel stressed out any more. People around me started to notice my cheerful mood. I am always smiling now. When I wake up in the morning I always look forward for a new challenge. I have started setting goals now and am working to achieve them.

l owe all this to Dr. Hava her compassion and support to see me overcome my phobia was just as important to her as it was to me and that’s what made the difference.

Many thanks,



Testimonial   – fears and phobias

June 18, 2000

I remember the first time I met Dr. Hava in the PC center. I was stressed out, very nervous and depressed and I did not know how to deal with my problems. I could not overcome the strange fear and anxiety which have resided in me for a long time. I was in a state of distress and hopelessness. I had no confidence in me and in no way that I could believe in being a successful and happy person .

Hopefully after Dr. Hava’s hypnotherapy sessions, I could feel much better and I could see the things more bright. Little by little I could feel more confident and content in dealing with my daily life’s matters. I am very grateful to her for she made me believe in the inner power and energy and the way to reach them. Through her kind and hearty advice I learned how to value and honor myself.

Today I have a better self-image, an improved self- confidence and a great sense of positivity. I greatly appreciate her assistance and treasure her words forever for they have brought positive changes and happiness in my life. Now I can believe in being more successful while picturing a brighter future.



Testimonials   – stop smoking

Dec. 2000

Dear Hava,

Six months ago, I walked into your office for my first session. I was a pack a day smoker for 21 years. I have tried several times to quit, with the Patch, Zyban, cutting down, cold turkey etc., all without success. Each time my family went through the stress of my trying to quit. They were always thankful when I gave up and smoked again, because I was so agitated and sensitive and they were afraid of me.

I was nervous about Hava being successful because smoking controlled my life; after meals, socializing, especially during stressful times. The cigarette was a big part of my life.

Today is a completely different story, with Hava’s help and guidance I am a non- smoker, clean air breather. I had gained control of my life completely. Every issue from the past, present and future I am able to cope with on my own without a cigarette and a much clearer mind. I have learned when to let go and when to ask for help when needed. I have gained respect from family, friends and most importantly from myself.

The most wonderful part of all is that this was done without pain, agitation, or stress. During the quitting process I felt alive, joy, happiness, and found myself.

I will always be grateful for Hava’s  guidance and the help above.

Than you, God bless.



Testimonies  – weight loss

Aug. 6th, 2013

My Dearest Hava,

Ten year ago I came to you in total despair, helplessness, alienated from myself and the world and ready to leave both.

That was not meant to be.

Instead, you guided me on  a most overwhelming & arduous journey of the discovery of “Lily” through a process awareness, compassion, forgiveness, and letting go- bringing me my first true acceptance of me and of others. It was my first glimpse and vision of life without hopelessness, of finding amid pain & sadness, my quiet truth, my balance, my “YES”. I have since learned to trust and accept with never ending gratitude & wonderment – and – my precious soul mate, a mirror of unconditional love and acceptance.

Hava, may God bless you in your new home. May your life be an endless flow of love, joy and peace.

Thank you beyond words.



Testimonies   – stress and anxiety

Sept. 2013

“When I arrived at Hava, I had a broken heart, I was lost in life’s drama’s and their stories, searching for answers as to why all this happening and what can I learn from it.

Hava, lovingly started leading me step by step into the deeper understanding of my being, enabling me to shed light on my questions and find my own answers….

Her deep knowledge and healing abilities of both physical and metaphysical, combined with endless compassion and love, provided me with a holistic toolbox for healing and growth which has been with me ever since. Years later, it is still clear that my meeting with Hava has been one of the most important stepping stones in my life and I am ever grateful to her for being the light that she is in this world.”



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