Past life Regression

Future Progression

An experiential workshop

Did you ever wonder who you were before you were you?

Did you ever question why repeat certain patterns time and time again?

Did you ever walk into a place and felt as though you were there before?

Have you ever met a person or a group of people and instantly felt a sense of familiarity and comfort being around them?

Did you ever experience a spontaneous regression to another time, space and place?

Did you ever wonder what happens to the soul after the physical body dies?

Do you ever think about the subject of reincarnation?


If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, this experiential workshop is for you.

Dr. Hava Perry, C.H.T., P.L.R.T.

Metaphysical doctor, Spiritual counselor, certified hypnotherapist, Past-life regressionist, Psychic & Energy Healer

(778) 533-4230

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