I forgot I stopped smoking……

I would like to share with you a short story that happened approximately 2 months ago.

My father and I decided to go to therapy in order to improve our relationship. A good friend of mine suggested we go see Hava. I contacted her and she was willing to work with both of us.

Immediately after the first meeting I decided to continue therapy with her on my own. In our second session she asked me if I was a smoker and if I want to quit smoking? It is very important to mention that I started to smoke at the age of 14 because of social pressure and friends. Smoking became more than a social event and turned out to be a bad addiction for 9 long years.

During this period I smoked a pack a day and while doing so decided hundreds of times to quit and to smoke my last cigarette. I made various deals with myself but, needless to say none worked. I would last for a few days and go right back to smoking.

My answer to Hava was positive and optimistic, although I doubted it will work after 9 years of trials and turbulences. After my positive answer she gave me a few simple tips regarding my nutrition yet, did not ask me to quit smoking.

A week later I met with her again, it was our 3rd session and I would have never believed that the cigarette I smoked on the way to her office would be the last I will ever smoke. In our session Hava used Hypnosis and gave me the taped session to listen to at home. I listened to the session twice in the coming week.

Ever since that day two months went by and I never smoked even once. The first week I still had the urge to light up but the tools I received in our therapy sessions helped me cope and overcome my addiction to smoking for good.

As our therapy sessions progressed Hava asked my one day how does it feel to be a non- smoker?

This was the time I remembered I was a smoker and that I quit.

I want to recommend to all my smoking friends to see Hava for help and to quit just like I did.

Thank you,


Tel Aviv,


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