My angelic encounter June 1996

My angelic encounter

It was 2.30 a.m. at the Aladdin Hotel in Los Vegas. I woke up and could not get back to sleep so I decided to meditate. As I laid down and closed my eyes the room filled up with a beautiful bright light and a beautiful angel appeared. Her beauty was breath taking. She introduced herself and said: “I am Edna I am your angel and I came to give you your life’s mission”. I answered:  “ Why Edna”?

She replied: “Because we want you to become gentle with yourself as you are with others”. The Hebrew meaning of the name Edna is: Gentleness.  She went on telling me what I came to do in this world: You are given psychic and healing powers! You need to change your profession and help people heal and grow. You need to do therapy, teach, write and use your psychic and healing power. You must leave your present job on October 2nd of this year (1996) and move on.” While she was talking to me my hands began to vibrate as if they were acupuncture needles and they became very hot almost burning.

The vision lasted for hours as she continued to show me all my family connections through my past lives. I was given so much information and knowledge I could barely catch up and kept telling myself to remember all was said so I will be able to record it all. I felt as if I was watching a movie of my previous lives amazed to understand how everything had a reason and a purpose: “You have to open 3 healing centers, write 3 books and move back to Israel where you will do your best work yet”.
At that time I was married with 3 children and living in Montreal. As the vision came to an end she picked me up and flew me to the center of Los Vegas Blvd. in front of a huge Hotel with a beautiful white statue. She drew a ray of light form the heavens, grounded me by moving the light from the top of my head through my body to the bottom of my feet into the earth and said: “This is your connection between heaven and earth, now go do your work”. Take a look at the casino online spielen kostenlos ohne anmeldung.

During our communication she assured me that I will be a messenger of hope receiving only positive messages. I was ecstatic. Within seconds she disappeared and I was alert and looking for a journal in order to record the events of that night. I was so overwhelmed with joy and could not wait to share this event with my sister who was sleeping in the room we shared.

As morning appeared I felt that something in my life had changed dramatically. I discovered that I became a channel of information. I knew answers to things I had no previous knowledge of. It made no difference where the person was or if they were in front of me or thousands of miles away.
The messages were given just by intent or question. I did not have to meditate, pray, or use any tools such as cards, crystal balls, etc.  At first it was unrealistic to trust a vision. But as time went by, the accuracy of the messages was unbelievable. I began to trust them completely and my psychic abilities became more powerful.
Along the path I discovered that I was given incredible healing energy and by touching someone I could ease their pain, reduce their high blood pressure, eliminate an asthma attack or a migraine, and make them feel better.

20 years have passed since that amazing night in Las Vegas, and I am still surprised how accurate and positive the messages are for the people receiving them and for me giving them. I am forever grateful to the universe for choosing me to be a channel of hope and healing. In my mind there is no doubt that there are many forces in the universe that come down to earth to help us grow and advance on our spiritual path.

Thank you God for everything I received and for this magnificent gift!



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