Meditation & Creative Visualization

image001“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein


The ability to imagine and visualize is an innate natural gift given to all human beings. It is more evident in early childhood. Children have wonderful powers of imagination. They create their own reality, imagine it, visualize it and play it out as if it is real. Of course to them it is. The child is not aware of the power of imagination in creating reality for it is very natural, simple and enriching. But, as the child grows to adulthood the motivation to imagine fades away.The rational mind seeks logical explanations and facts and adults spend years trying to prove everything in a rational logical manner, forgetting about imagining and visualizing. Be aware of a kostenlos casino spiele spielen ohne anmeldung book of ra


It takes years of training and re-learning in order to use our imagination and visualization abilities so we can changeand create. People with artistic abilities use their imagination and visualize the outcome of their creation before they create it in the physical realty.

In hypnosis we use imagination and visualization in order to create a state of deep relaxation. While in hypnosis the client can access the power of the sub-conscious mind recall, relive, release and create a new reality while healing and changing.


“What the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve”. N. Hill


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