About Dr. Perry


I am a metaphysical doctor, certified hypnotherapist, past life regression thera товары для дома pist, natural health practitioner, intuitive, energy worker and spiritual counselor.


For the last 20 years I local job listings worked with hundreds of people both in Canada and Israel. My vast experience, diversified knowledge and psychic abilities helped create miracles in the lives of many of my clients.


My time and energy are devoted to helping a wealth of individuals who are experiencing: Stress, anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, addictions, smoking, weight problems, lack of concentration, low self-esteem, insomnia, hypno-birthing, and preparation for surgery.


I facilitate workshops on the topics of: Weight loss, meditation and relaxation, coping with stress and anxiety, self- awareness, spiritual growth, past-life regression and intuitive development and psychic abilities.


My approach consists of creating a safe environment to help clients enter a state of hypnosis. While under this relaxed state of body and mind, clients can access their subconscious mind, remember past traumas, recognize negative beliefs and acquire new techniques to better deal with life’s challenges.


I encourage clients to believe that every goal is attainable with an open mind, heart and a plan of action.


I view self-empowerment as a stepping stone leading to a more enric hing quality of life, where abundance of opportunities waiting to be discovered.


The work I do expresses my true purpose in life.


I strive to help people actualize their true potential, and in so doing, witness the miraculous transformation that comes with healing and growing along their spiritual path.

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